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hydroxyzine (Vistaril)

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Generic Name: hydroxyzine    Trade Names: Vistaril, Atarax


Classifications: antianxiety agent and sedative


Mechanism of Action: Due to the drugs antihitamine properties, hydroxyzine has been shown to exert a calming effect durring acute psychotic states. It is an effective antiemetic and muscle relaxant. When administered concurrently with many analgesics, it tends to potentiate their effects.



               Onset: 15-30 min

                      Peak Effects: 1-2 hours

                      Duration: 4-6 hours

                      Half Life: 20 hours


Indications: nausea and vomitting, anxiety reactions, and to potentiate the effects of narcotics and synthetic narcotics


Contraindications: should not be administered to a patient with a hypersensitivity to the drug


Precautions: Hydroxyzine is given IM only. Keep the potentiating effects in mind when administering with analgesics.


Side Effects: sedation, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and seizures


Interactions: The sedative effects of hydroxyzine can be potentiated by CNS depressants such as narcotics, sedatives, hypnotics, and alcohol.


Dosage: When used in the management of an acute anxiety reation use 50mg-100mg IM. The standard antiemetic dose is 25mg-50mg.


Considerations: It is important to investigate the cause of bizarre behavoir to determine if it is of phychiatric orgin and not diabetes, head injury, or alcohol intoxication.




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