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Scene Awareness

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Scene Awareness


Possible Scenarios for Danger:

·         Advised of danger while en route

·         Observing danger on arrival

·         Danger starting during care of transport


High Risk Danger Scenes:

·         Highways

·         Violent Street Incidents

o       Murder, Assault, Robbery

o       Dangerous Crowds and Bystanders

o       Street Gangs

·         Drug-Related Crimes

·         Clandestine Drug Laboratories

·         Domestic Violence


Tactical Considerations

·         Safety Tactics

o       Retreat

o       Cover and Concealment

o       Distraction and Evasion

o       Contact and Cover

o       Warning Signals and Communication

·         Tactical Patient Care

o       Body Armor

o       Tactical EMS


EMS at Crime Scene

·         EMS and Police Operations

·         Preserving Evidence

o       Types of Evidence

§         Prints

§         Blood and Body Fluids

§         Particulate Evidence

§         On-scene Observations

·         Documenting Evidence



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